Tyler catching his breath in our race against the sun. Warming rocks and snow can make for unpredictable hazards.​​​​​​​
Tai searching for the correct couloir entrance. Traversing avalanche terrain is best done one at a time, in case of a slide. Your friends are no help if they're also buried.

Looking for instability with an Isolated Column Test. Mother Nature has her signs and signals.

Transitioning in a "safe" zone, halfway up this particular couloir. It's important to be able to turn around when conditions become dangerous.

"Dad Turn Immortalized." Tai getting stupid in Shit for Brains Couloir.

Foxey. Lady.

A little scenery can really take your mind off the horrific blisters forming in your ski boots.

Mount Tukuhnikivatz: "where the sun sets last". Oh, and you can ski it too.

Wild places bring together like-minded people. Norwegian engineer and soon-to-be uncle, Jonas Brattensborg, was the only other person to be crazy enough to be out there. So we named a couloir after him.

Norway Joe Couloir- 3-27-2018
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